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hazard assesments

How does your hazard assessment program work?

Is it developed from the actual company operations? 

Does the ranking system work for your current scale and scope of operations? 

How do you analyze the identified hazards and ensure appropriate health and safety controls are implemented?

A fluid, well thought out, and communicated hazard assessment program and policy will make the difference in a good safety program. Accuracy here will dictate a lot of the next steps required in acquiring certifications such as COR Certification.

We can answer all of the questions that need to be solved in order to identify and establish hazard controls and take it one step further by training your staff and modifying your policy manual.

Manage it internally by attending our 3-4 hour training program, that was recently presented at the ACSA NCSO conference. Contact Us for details on the internal training program or for our Hazard Assessment program assistance. 

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