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Radiation Safety


We can provide a short term or long-term Radiation Safety Officer cover for your program.


Radiation is simply a form of energy. It is around us all the time. Radiation comes from atoms, which are the building blocks of all matter.

Although “radiation” is associated with danger and illnesses like cancer, radiation is not necessarily harmful. For example, the sun is a source of radiation: a sunburn is a mild radiation burn. However, the hazards that come to mind when you think of radiation are most often associated with what is called “ionizing radiation”. We are all exposed to ionizing radiation every day. These include watching television, having an X-ray or wearing certain luminous dial watches.

When employees use materials that give off radiation, the employer is legally required to ensure the employee is aware of the hazards associated with the task.


Benefits of Radiation Safety Training

For Management:

  • Due Diligence Demonstrated

  • Credible Response to Concerns Provided

  • Program and Audit Compliance

  • Reduction in Down-Time

  • Problems Solved

  • Informed and competent staff

  • Efficacious program

For Staff

  • Improved Ability to Identify Potential Problems with Process or Equipment

  • Enhanced understanding of compliance requirements

  • Able to identify hazards

  • Timely Corrective Measures Facilitated

For Workers

  • Questions Answered and Peace of Mind Maintained

  • Morale Improved

  • Productivity Enhanced

  • Understanding of compliance requirements

  • Improved knowledge and communication throughout organisation



How is your safety management system supported by today’s technology? We can quickly install the leading software program; help configure and support you through the initial evaluation process. Lets Talk!


Ability Management

Ability Management is an approach that focuses on developing the competences of the employees. This concept is of great significance in regard to how successful your company is. Instead of eliminating weaknesses or deficits, focus should be put on the strengths and capacities of the employee.


Safety Savvy provides a disability management review and provides ongoing support to your Ability Management program. 



What’s New?

Violence and Harassment Program - Are you following the new legislation? When and how often is your program being reviewed?  Who completes the incident investigation and how is it being completed?

This program requires attention and frequent updates. We can help asses your program and give it the direction and guidance it requires.


Screening v Assessment - Get ahead of your employee screening by adopting a screening and assesment process. We have the know-how and tools to reconfigure how your screen and assessment process works. Get in touch and we can get the ball rolling to save you time, resources, productivity.

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