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safety audits

The Certificate of Recognition program (COR) is a voluntary program over seen by the Alberta Workplace Partnerships and managed by dedicated industry specific Certifying Partner (e.g., Energy Safety Canada, Alberta Construction Safety Association, Manufacturers Health and Safety Association), The COR program recognizes that an employer’s Health and Safety Management System has been evaluated by a Certified Auditor using documentation reviews, on-site observations, and employee and management interviews, and that the program is compliant with standards set up by their Certifying Partner & OH&S.  Achieving and maintaining a valid COR allows the successful company to register in the WCB Partners in Injury Reduction (P I R) Program. The P I R program promotes the development of effective workplace health, safety and disability management programs and offers WCB premium incentives for reduced claim costs below predicted targets.

Safety Savvy is currently certified to develop policies, safety planning and implementation, monitor, evaluate, and take corrective actions, as well as review and re-evaluation safety structure, planning, and policies. We are certified Auditors for the Alberta Construction Safety Association (A.C.S.A), Energy Safety Canada (Return to Work Certified), Manufacturers Health and Safety Association (MHSA), and The British Columbia Construction safety Alliance.


Safety Savvy, through a variety of occupational health and safety experience, training programs, and auditing services has helped companies in Western Canada enhance their safety management systems. We work with manufacturers, large-scale food production, healthcare, major oilfield and gas companies, and large-scale oilfield production and service companies. We will help you through the steps of the certification process.

Check out our Audit Certifying Partners:

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