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safety manuals

Do you need a little magic in your safety manual? Are you starting from scratch?

Safety Savvy team members will work to ensure that the development of your Safety Manual will meet legislative requirements and the regulations initiated by Certifying Partners, in both Alberta and British Columbia including:


  • Alberta Construction Safety Association’s (ACSA)

  • Energy Safety Canada

  • Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships (AASP)

  • Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA)

  • Alberta Safety Council

  • Manufacturers Health and Safety Association (MHSA)

  • Alberta Hospitality Safety Association (AHSA)

  • Alberta Food Processors Association

  • Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA)

  • Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (AMHSA)

  • Alberta Safety Council (ASC)

  • and Continuing Care Safety Association

British Columbia

  • Energy Safety Canada

  • BC Construction Safety Alliance

  • British Columbia Municipal Safety Association

  • Trucking Safety Council of BC

We will work closely with you to ensure your program manual is effective and appropriate to the scope and scale of the work your teams perform. 


Your Knowledge Our Skill

Our key steps to achieving a tailored safety manual include:


  • Completion of a documented Health and Safety review of your current operations and organizational structure. These details are essential to allowing us to develop a custom program.

  • Identify and complete a hazard assessment of your company’s operations. Once a proper assessment is complete, we can develop a formal hazard assessment system and any required supplemental programs.

  • Depending on your current structure, we will design and provide additional supplemental program documents.

  • We will provide required digital copies of the Safety Manual, in the agreed time frame. 

  • We can also use this same process to help breathe new life into your old Safety Manual.

Manual Components

We will include all of the key components into your safety manual or add what is missing:

  • Health and Safety Policies

  • Hazard Assessments

  • Safe Work Practices

  • Safe Job Procedures

  • Company Rules

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Training and Communication

  • Inspections

  • Investigations and Reporting

  • Emergency Response

  • Records and Statistics

  • Legislation


  • Orientation

  • Violence

  • Drug & Alcohol

  • Commercial Vehicle Regulations

  • Light Duty

  • Waste Management/Environmental Policy

  • ISNetworld® RAVS information


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